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Me Vs Friends

So I when to the gym we my sister today, and there was this cute guy staring at me. I smiled and he smiled back. So I text my friends about the situation. One friend said if I didn’t speak to him she didn’t want to hear it and the other was being a B!tch about said stop being shy and no more baby step. What the Hell! They wonder why I don’t txt them during the summer. I have never seen them going up to a cute guy and talk to him. Why are they give me so much beef when it me? I don’t say a word when it’s them I just go on with my day. Damn Friends

B!tch said What.

So my day started out good: I ate breakfast, I got to work on time, my co-worker were kind. Until two people walk in. I work in my home town, so I expected to see the people I went to school with, but not my ex-friend.

Well I guess you need a little history about us

So mine friend Candy* and I has been together since high school and we when to the same college. Well, our freshman year at college, our friendship was tested and we both passed because we fail our first year of college. Then we when to community together, that where SH!T went Down. She started to hang around our school slut and she was txting my sister instead of me. Tell her she doesn’t like when it’s me and Candy. She like it better when it’s me, her, and my sister or me, her, and the school slut. (I hated the school slut she was a real bitch to me). Basically she didn’t want to be my friend anymore. So I deleted her out my phone and life. I have to admit I was upset, but I wasn’t mad or angry or hurt. I knew it was coming,I was waiting for the down fall.

Now for the present: Candy and the school slut walked in and surprisingly they remember my name- I was hoping she wouldn’t-. They said hey of course. Then Candy said “for the record I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling." Bitch said what you didn’t mean to hurt my feeling. She was the only person in the world who really knew and she throw me to the side like trash but she didn’t mean to hurt my feeling. "I txt you the next day, but I guess you didn’t want to talk to me anymoreFirst I didn’t get that txt, second I wasn’t hurt. “I try txting your sister but she seem mad.” You think and wasn’t txting my sister got you in this situation in the first place.

So I don’t get an apology for your betrayal okay bitch we done, you can go away now.


So there this guy at my job (which I’m new at), he kind of cute. Not my type though. But out of everyone I work with he’s nicer to me. He always smile at me even if I’m in Lala land. He try to engage me in conversation but I’m super shy when it comes to talking to a guys. And I have work tomorrow. I suck being the new person

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